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If you are new to our site or perhaps new to bee pollen, this is a great place to start.  Below you will find links to all of our bee pollen articles.  I have covered everything you could want to know about this wonderful food.  As always, if there is something that I have not covered that you'd like to know, contact me using the Customer Support tab in the top right hand corner.   I welcome your questions and feedback.   


Bee Pollen Benefits - this article covers the many, many benefits of this wonderful food.   If you'd like to find out how bee pollen might help you or increase your health and vitality, this is a great article to start with.  I've organized many of the benefits into a chart for easy access to specific health conditions.

More Bee Pollen Benefits - this article expands on the many health benefits of pollen and includes testimonials from several doctors.

Even More Health Benefits - here I list some of the details of the many studies and benefits done on pollen along with there sources.   This article will be of interest to those of you interested in longevity and life span.

How to Know Which Brand to Buy - if you're looking to purchase a product, this article is a must read.   Having grown up in the bee industry, I know what to look for when choosing a supplement.   There is a great deal of low quality pollen on the market and I share my best tips for selecting a quality product you can trust and feel good about. 

What is Bee Pollen? - here I cover the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other compounds found in bee pollen along with the nutritional facts.

How to Take Bee Pollen Properly - *MUST READ IF TAKING POLLEN FOR THE FIRST TIME* Some people have allergies to pollens.  To be safe and not experience side effects, it is important that you read this and follow my protocol on how to introduce this supplement into your system safely and properly. If you do have an allergy and take too much pollen too soon, you could experience dangerous side effects. 

How Much to Take - here I give you the details on how much pollen to take along with recommended doses for some specific health conditions or challenges.  I also make recommendations for athletes.

Intro to Bee Pollen: The Facts - if you are new to bee pollen, this is a great place to learn the basics of this food. 

Allergic Reaction to Bee Pollen?  - how to prevent allergic reactions, the bee pollen tolerance test and what to do if you do have a reaction

Side Effects of Bee Pollen - side effects do occur for a very small number of people taking pollen.   It is very important to read this in order to best understand how to avoid side effects so that your experience with this food is a healthy, positive one.   If you think you might be experiencing a side effect, this article will help you determine whether you are or not.

Living on Bee Pollen - a fascinating article on a lady who consumed nothing but bee pollen and fruit for a significant time period.  

The Bee Pollen Forum - we have hundreds of posts on every topic imaginable with regards to bee pollen.  You can search the many posts for the information you're looking for or post a question for a forum member.   Or, you can comment on or post in an existing post.

The Magic of Bee Pollen 

Guides and Uses

Allergies - I cover the science behind using pollen for allergies along with recommended best practices.  I also make some recommendations on how to control or eliminate those pesky allergies with nutrition and supplements.

How to Use Bee Pollen for Skin Health - bee pollen just so happens to be amazing for your skin.   I tell you why and also how to use this amazing ingredient for healthy, glowing skin.  As an aside, we even make soap with bee pollen in it now (it works that well).

Bee Pollen Supplements - there are dozens of products on the market.  These are the only bee pollen supplements that I recommend.

Weight Loss & Appetite Control - bee pollen has become very popular as a weight loss aid.  Unfortunately, many of the products on the market are dangerous as they contain illegal ingredients along with diuretics and laxatives.   

Anti-oxidants - bee pollen is one of the highest anti-oxidant foods discovered.  Anti-oxidants are strongly linked with longevity and health.  

Studies - here I cover some of the scientific studies done on this superfood.   

Recipes Using Bee Pollen - there are many ways to consume or ingest bee pollen.  I have over the years come across or developed many recipes, which I list here.


Find out how bee pollen can help you.   Click on a link below to explore some of the many health benefits of bee pollen.

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