Bee Pollen Anti-Aging Effects Explained?

It has always been a mystery as to what it is in Bee Pollen that makes it so powerful.   At least until now.   

I receive quite a few testimonials about the results that people from around the world obtain using bee pollen. The word 'magical' has been used more than once...

After reading this study, I truly feel that we are one step closer to understanding why it is that bee pollen does what it does for so many people. This study without question sheds more light on exactly what it is in bee pollen that allows it to have some many health benefits.

These scientists set out to evaluate the chemical composition and the biological activity of bee pollen (in this study they used a Greek source). Basically, they wanted to further break bee pollen down and examine more closely what it is comprised of and also how it acts when exposed to certain compounds like bacteria (is it anti-bacterial and anti-fungal?).

What they found was that the pollen showed, in their terms, "interesting antioxidant properties." (this is scientific jargon for "it did really cool things against things that age you")

Due to these "interesting properties," they decided to look further at the bee pollen and did further chemical analysis.

In doing so, they found a whole bunch of exciting, powerful, health promoting compounds in bee pollen (they found seven flavonoids along with sugars, lipid acids, and phenolic acids). While these may sound 'foreign' to most of us, these compounds have been show to possess tremendous health properties and benefits.

The scientists also found that bee pollen had "interesting anti-microbial" properties (an anti-microbial is a substance that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, or protozoans). While they didn't go into detail, this suggests that bee pollen may help keep your immune system up and running and in tip top shape! It protects you...

They went on to conclude that "bee pollen could improve the effects of ageing and well-being" and that it should "be given careful consideration in the future through further scientific research."

These words are strong to say the least as scientists don't tend to get excited about research and make suggestions about anti-aging such as these very often. They've simply discovered something that our customer, Eddy T. has known for quite some time...

"My wife is 63 and looks like she is in her 40's. (this from her friend's compliments) She can still wear the same dresses she wore 35 years ago when first met me. Her secret - she and I started taking bee pollen 30 years ago."

The full study can be found in the journal Chem Cent J, 2011 Jun 23;5(1):33. 

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