Bee Pollen (Bee Magic) - A testimonial....

by Brigadoon

Ok gang listen very carefully ? I have been taking bee pollen for many years, simply because I know all about our little buddies the bees and not just what a miracle they perform when they gather the pollen and we are able to consume it and feel like we could buzz around also.

I took one of my yearly trips to Hawaii and forgot my bee pollen at home (what!!) yep ran right out the door without it.

After 10 days of ?no bee magic? pollen ? I found my body hurting all over and just pooooped out ? no energy none at all and was so tired I could not sleep when I arrived home.

The next morning after crawling out of bed and with everything hurting (wow I did a lot of snorkeling on my trips ? but this was beyond the normal tiredness and soreness all over)

I took a big tablespoon of bee pollen first thing ? then another at noon and another late afternoon ? (and yep you saw this coming) ?I felt great again?

I will say that I had no idea my body was depending on getting all the goodies pollen provides everyday, and when the bee?s magic was not given to my cells ? my body told me about it!!.

Which tells us that our cells know what they need and Bee Pollen supplies it on a grand scale.

Angela's Comments:

Thank you so much for your testimonial Brigadoon!


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