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May 07, 2018

Acne or Mallusscum Contagiasm?

Good day, I am 26 years old and have boils on my skin around my back and front of my torso. When I was about 14, I did go on Accutane to treat my skin.

Continue reading "Acne or Mallusscum Contagiasm? "

May 07, 2018

Propolis side effects

I am 4 weeks in taking 100 mg day and my pains reducing. But I am having lower cramps and fast bowel evacuation and nausea. Unsure whether to continue?

Continue reading "Propolis side effects "

Apr 16, 2018


How can I permanently treat my son's allergies with bee pollen?? And if using honey or something else would help him get rid of his allergies?? Nora,

Continue reading "Allergies"

Apr 16, 2018

Freeze Dried vs Air Dried

I did a bunch of reading before starting on bee pollen. My research indicated that freeze-drying the pollen preserves the most benefits. Can you explain

Continue reading "Freeze Dried vs Air Dried"

Apr 16, 2018

Royal Jelly and estrogen

Hello, I have estrogen dominance, but had fantastic results with royal jelly in the past to combat stress-symptoms and severe fatigue. After using the

Continue reading "Royal Jelly and estrogen "

Apr 16, 2018

Royal Jelly & Estrogen Positive Breast Cancer

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center tells people that “if You have estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer: Royal jelly can stimulate growth of cancer

Continue reading "Royal Jelly & Estrogen Positive Breast Cancer"

Apr 13, 2018

Expiration of Raw Bee Propolis chunks

Hi, My name is Eli I found raw propolis chunks in a small container that looks well sealed in my basement. I have know Idea how old it is. do you think

Continue reading "Expiration of Raw Bee Propolis chunks"

Jan 28, 2018

Is bee pollen safe for dogs allergic to bees?

My dog was stung by a bee when she was a puppy and had an allergic reaction. The food I want to get for her has bee pollen in it, is it okay to feed her?

Continue reading "Is bee pollen safe for dogs allergic to bees?"

Jan 26, 2018

Do I need to supplement bee pollen with vitamin c and d?

Hi there, I have just started taking 2 teaspoons of bee pollen a day in the last month or so and wondered if I still need to supplement it with vitamin

Continue reading "Do I need to supplement bee pollen with vitamin c and d?"

Jan 26, 2018

Possibly allergic to store bought honey but not local honey?

Hello! For a long time I have avoided honey-anything. I didn't like how it made my throat dry and sand paper like. Similar to a sore throat no matter the

Continue reading "Possibly allergic to store bought honey but not local honey?"

Jan 12, 2018

Bee Pollen for Migraines

Do I need local bee pollen for migraines? If so, where do I look for it? Also, do you think bee pollen would be beneficial for an adult with autism? Angela's

Continue reading "Bee Pollen for Migraines "

Jan 12, 2018

Is my Honey still good?

I recently moved into an over 100=+ home. As we were taking things to store in the basement...a friend found what appear to be two jars of honey. This

Continue reading "Is my Honey still good?"

Jan 12, 2018

Bee pollen proximity for allergies

I heard that you should buy bee pollen in your area for it to be most effective for allergies. How far is too far? The closest I've found it is two hours

Continue reading "Bee pollen proximity for allergies"

Jan 12, 2018

Negative reactions to royal jelly bee pollen

For about a little more than 2 months I have been taking 2 royal jelly caps daily, in lieu of my daily green foods multi-vitamin, mineral supplement. I

Continue reading "Negative reactions to royal jelly bee pollen"

Oct 13, 2017

Can fresh propolis expire

Hello, I am wondering if fresh propolis, straight from the hive expires? Does it last longer in the fridge? What is the shelf life? Thanks! Jen Angela's

Continue reading "Can fresh propolis expire"

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