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Apr 28, 2024

Bee propolis and Epstein bar and lyme disease

Can bee propolis help epstein bar and lyme disease?

Continue reading "Bee propolis and Epstein bar and lyme disease"

Apr 07, 2024

Propolis Side Effects/ Length of Time to Use Propolis

1. Are there any side effects for using propolis? 2. Can you take Propolis for years? I have been taking Bee Pollen, Raw honey, Royal Jelly, and Propolis

Continue reading "Propolis Side Effects/ Length of Time to Use Propolis"

Mar 03, 2024

How to dose propolis for 11 year old cat with chronic upper-respiratory sinus infections

My cat, Starlight, weighs about 9 to 9.5 pounds. She has a chronic upper-respiratory health challenge that's been going on for years. We're doing acupuncture

Continue reading "How to dose propolis for 11 year old cat with chronic upper-respiratory sinus infections"

Feb 25, 2024

If I take Propolis, can I take royal jelly safely?

If I have been taking propolis for some time now without any reactions to it does that mean that I can take royal jelly and not have any reactions to that

Continue reading "If I take Propolis, can I take royal jelly safely? "

Feb 25, 2024

Is Mad Honey bad for your health?

Hi i've got a question: My dad has been using 'Mad Honey' for a few months now, but I start to feel a bit worried. Is it bad for your health? or could

Continue reading "Is Mad Honey bad for your health?"

Feb 25, 2024

How much should my dog take?

My dog is 50kg(roughly 100 pounds) I was just wondering what the best dosage would be to give him. Thanks in advance.

Continue reading "How much should my dog take?"

Feb 18, 2024

Best Foods for Dry Skin

Are you a victim of dry skin and searching for good, health best foods for dry skin? you are at the right place for all of your problems.Eating a well-balanced

Continue reading "Best Foods for Dry Skin"

Feb 04, 2024

Honey and Bee Calculator

Honey and Bee Calculator

Hi Angela, What I find the most amazing is how incredibly successful bees are in collecting honey. They wouldn't be able to do this without communicating

Continue reading "Honey and Bee Calculator"

Feb 04, 2024

Look of Summer Honey

Hello everyone, I have a question regarding some honey I harvested this summer. This is my second year of bee keeping and first year harvesting honey.

Continue reading "Look of Summer Honey"

Feb 04, 2024

how much of mad honey should we intake daily?

himalayan hunters offer the mad honey directly from the cliff, its very rau so how much should someone take it?

Continue reading "how much of mad honey should we intake daily?"

Feb 04, 2024

Can I eat fermented honey?

Fermented Honey Picture

I have this jar of honey that smell fermented. It has separated with the cloudy part on the bottom and the dark liquid on top. Can I do anything with

Continue reading "Can I eat fermented honey?"

Feb 04, 2024

How do you accurately measure small volumes of honey?

I use honey to sweeten my coffee but I'm very picky about having a precise amount of honey per serving of coffee. What I'm currently doing is diluting

Continue reading "How do you accurately measure small volumes of honey?"

Feb 04, 2024

Miel et Miels Brand - Raw and Unfiltered?

Hello fellow honey enthusiasts, I hope this message finds you all in good health and high spirits. I recently came across a honey brand called Miel-et-Miels

Continue reading "Miel et Miels Brand - Raw and Unfiltered?"

Feb 04, 2024

Raw organic honey vs creamed honey?

I received my order of Honny Bunny organic raw honey and did not realize it was creamed. I didn’t see creamed on the bottle when I placed my order. How

Continue reading "Raw organic honey vs creamed honey?"

Feb 04, 2024

Manuka honey reaction

I have the same reaction! I confirmed that it was the honey by stopping, and my symptoms went away. I had chills. Very uncomfortable. Also a scratchy

Continue reading "Manuka honey reaction"

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