How to dose propolis for 11 year old cat with chronic upper-respiratory sinus infections

by Nedda

My cat, Starlight, weighs about 9 to 9.5 pounds. She has a chronic upper-respiratory health challenge that's been going on for years. We're doing acupuncture and homeopathy, but she needs something more. She will take liquids by dropper, as long as they don't taste yucky, but she won't swallow pills at all.

I don't know what powdered propolis smells or tastes like, so I haven't tried giving her that, and wouldn't know how to dose that either. I'm considering trying the liquid that's water based.


1- How much would I give her per day of the water-based Propolis you sell that you says has a milder taste?

2- Can this amount be given in several small doses and in food so she doesn't have to consume it all at once?

3- Have you found that cats will actually eat it?

As for the power of propolis, I take capsules myself, and have personally found that propolis is the best preventative as well as treatment for Lyme disease, which is very common in Connecticut where I live, so I always have several bottles of capsules available. Whenever I find a tick on myself, I immediately consume propolis, using muscle testing to determine how much to take, and as a result I've never gotten any tick-borne diseased.

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