Honey Reduces Blood Pressure

Angela, CNP

This study investigated the effect of honey on elevated blood pressure (systolic) in hypertensive rats. Interestingly, it also evaluated the effect of honey on the reduction of kidney stress as a possible mechanism of its antihypertensive effect.

So, it's possible raw honey could be very good for your kidney's as well?

The animals were randomly divided into 2 groups and administered distilled water or honey once daily for 12 weeks.

What the researchers founds was that honey supplementation significantly reduced blood pressure and kidney stress levels. They found that an important anti-oxidant called glutathione S-transferase was down regulated or 'inactivated' in the honey fed rats.

So it appears that one of the causes of high blood pressure is kidney stress and that honey supplementation aids in reducing this. Could it be all the natural anti-oxidants in raw honey that are responsible for this health benefit?  I suspect so but only further research on raw honey will tell us definitively.

If you are considering using raw honey to help reduce your blood pressure, note that this study was done over 12 weeks. Commit to three full months of honey supplementation for best results.

Missing from the study was how much raw honey was administered to the rats so it is difficult to say how much honey is needed for results.   Other studies on honey are finding that 0.5 ml of honey per kilogram of bodyweight is effective for treating certain health conditions.  It makes sense that this might be a good starting point as it indicates that honey is biologically active at this intake level.  

Using this as a basic starting point, 150 lb human (68 kgs) would ingest 34 ml per day. There are 29.57 ml's in an ounce so one would need to consume just over one ounce daily.

The full study can be found in the Oxid Med Cell Longevity, 2012;2012:374037, Epub 2012 Jan 23. 

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