Honey and Bee Pollen Reduce Cholesterol

Angela, CNP

Scientists recently set out to assess the effectiveness of treating patients with high LDL (the bad cholesterol) and low HDL (the good cholesterol) with honey, bee pollen and bee bread.

157 patients (64 males and 93 females) aged 39 to 72 with poor cholesterol status were administered the bee products. The patients were divided into four groups: patients on a high cholesterol diet only, patients on the diet and honey or pollen, patients just on bee bread, and a combined treatment - diet, honey, and bee pollen.

What the scientists found was a significant hypolipidemic (cholesterol lowering) effect in patients taking the honey in combination with bee pollen - total cholesterol decreased by 18% and their LDL cholesterol by 23.9 %. Those ingesting the bee bread had their total cholesterol decrease by 15.7 % and their LDL cholesterol by 20.5 %.

The full study can be found (in Russian) in the journal Ter Arkh, 2011;83(8):58-62. 

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