Honey Prevents Diabetes?

Recent evidence shows that honey improves glycemic control in diabetics. What is glycemic control you ask?

Glycemic control is the control of your blood sugar (keeping it low). Controlling blood sugar, especially in diabetics is a very good thing.

Besides its hypoglycemic effect, studies also indicate that honey reduces lipid abnormalities (for example, cholesterol) in rats and humans with diabetes.

So what is the cause of this? Recently available data suggests that the "good bacteria" in our guts has something to do with how conditions such as obesity, insulin resistance, and diabetes manifest.

Recent findings are indeed linking gut flora as a potential contributor of obesity, insulin resistance, and diabetes. These findings also underline data that demonstrate the beneficial effects of oligosaccharides (special sugars found in honey) on various abnormalities commonly associated with these conditions.

Based on the similarities of some of these findings with those of honey, together with the evidence that honey contains oligosaccharides, scientists hypothesize that oligosaccharides present in honey might contribute to the antidiabetic and other health-related beneficial effects of honey.

So, if you suffer from diabetes or insulin resistance, consuming raw honey might just be of benefit to you. Notice I said "raw" honey. Not just any honey will do!

This study can be found in the journal Molecules, 2011 Dec 28;17(1):248-66. 

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