Propolis May Treat Food Poisoning

Angela, CNP

Propolis has documented anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory benefits.

In a very exciting study, scientists recently exposed 23 different samples of propolis to E.Coli.

E.Coli are bacteria that can cause serious food poisoning in humans and are occasionally responsible for product recalls you hear about in the news.

In this study, antibacterial activity was observed in seven out of the 23 samples of propolis.

The scientists went on to conclude that this study clearly indicates possible therapeutic applications for propolis in the development of formulations for the treatment of infections caused by E. coli.

So, what does this all mean? Well, if you get food poisoning propolis isn't a sure thing to treat it.   It might help but not all propolis showed activity against E.Coli..   If you load up on propolis in a food poisoning case,  the results you get will depend on whether the propolis you are using is effective against E. Coli..    So how do you know if you propolis supplement is one of the effective forms?   Well, the truth is that you don't and likely can't determine this with any certainty until you try your propolis supplement if and when you get hit with an E. Coli based bacteria.  

Clearly more studies are needed but this is very exciting research and further proof that propolis has countless health benefits.

The full study can be found in the Brazilian Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, vol.63, no.5, Oct. 2011 

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