How to BeeProof™ Your Health

The Top 14 Things You Can Do to Slow Aging, Prevent Cancer, Reduce Wrinkles and Boost Brain Function While Living a Healthier Life Using the 4 Ingredients From the Hive

Angela, CNP

BeeProof.  I know that isn’t actually a word in the English language but it came to me recently when I was pondering how to describe what a massive difference bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis and raw honey has made in my health and the health of my family.

I really feel, and the science backs me up, that there is no health condition that the products of the hive can’t help prevent or treat.  My health is better than ever and it’s largely because of bee products.

I feel like my health has become BeeProof

What is BeeProof™?

BeeProof™ is simply a metaphor for the elevated state of health you attain when you have the four wonders of the hive (royal jelly, propolis, bee pollen and raw honey) working synergistically in your life to slow aging, prevent disease, boost vitality and increase longevity.   

When you’re BeeProof, your skin glows.   Your blood sugar is balanced and so is your energy. Your immune system is strong and vibrant.   You sleep soundly and deeply, waking up refreshed.  Your brain works how you want it too.   

You feel 'protected' just as the Queen is protected in the Hive.

So how do you elevate your health to a BeeProof state, that zone where your body just works right and you have peace of mind knowing you are protected?

It's quite simple really.   The four wonders of the hive all offer unique health benefits.   They key is to learn how they will benefit you and then develop the daily habits of incorporating raw honey, royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis into your life and the life of your loved ones.

With that in mind, here they are...

Top 14 Things You Can do to BeeProof™ Your Health Today

  1. Drink honey water each morning.   This simple act alone could revolutionize your health in less than a year.  Learn how and why here.
  2. Take 1-2 teaspoons of raw honey before bed to induce restful sleep.   I have used this health-hack with great success.   Your brain needs energy while you sleep and it prefers to get this energy from the stored energy in your liver (liver glycogen).  Raw honey is very effective at topping up your liver glycogen levels, much better than pasteurized and filtered honey.    Not only will you sleep better but you’ll experience all of the health benefits of deeper, more restful sleep like increased immunity and slower aging.  Learn more here.
  3. Apply a Royal Jelly and Raw Honey facial once a week to reduce wrinkles, boost collagen and firmness and increase the moisture content of your skin.   Royal Jelly was shown to boost the moisture levels of the skin in one study between 28 and 60% in only 21 days.  A 2011 study found that royal jelly has a protective effect on the skin from the harmful effects of UVB.   This will also treat acne and blemishes.   A recent study found that a daily honey dressing treated severe acne.
  4. To boost your cancer defenses and cognitive function, make my Raw Honey and Curcumin Wonder drink daily.  Both raw honey and curcumin are very high in anti-oxidants and have been shown in studies to have strong activity against cancer cells.    Raw honey has also been linked to reduced alzheimer’s disease risk AND in another study, a boost in brain function and memory.   Warning: this drink is deliciously addictive.  
  5. Take 1000 mg of high quality royal jelly with 6% 10-HDA each day for blood sugar and glucose control.   Chronically elevated blood sugar levels are linked to heart disease, cancer and diabetes.   In one study, 50 female volunteers with blood sugar issues were randomly given a daily dose of a 1,000 mg royal jelly soft gel or a placebo for 8 weeks.   After royal jelly supplementation, the blood sugar levels of the participants decreased by levels termed by the scientists as "remarkable."
  6. Take one heaping teaspoon of bee pollen each day to boost anti-oxidant levels, improve hair and nail growth and balance immunity.   In 2003, one brand of bee pollen was tested and found to have an ORAC level of 247, which is higher than blueberries.  The Institute of Food Chemistry and Technology in Austria conducted a study that concluded that bee pollen contains considerable amounts of antioxidant and polyphenol substances.
  7. If you get sick and develop a cough or sore throat, melt 1 tablespoon of raw honey in hot water with a touch of lemon juice and sip.  In a recent study in children with upper respiratory infections, honey was found to cause significant improvement in cough symptoms.   The Royal College of General Practitioners called over the counter cough medicines a “waste of money” and suggested “honey and lemon” instead as an effective yet inexpensive alternative.
  8. Add two drops of an alcohol free propolis tincture to your toothpaste and brush your teeth each morning for gum health and cavity prevention.   A 2009 review of the many studies on propolis and oral health found compelling evidence that propolis may prevent cavities.  
  9. If you suffer from dry skin or eczema/psoriasis, apply a beeswax based cream twice daily for results in less than 7 days.  Beeswax is now being used in hospitals to help heal skin that has been burned and damaged by chemotherapy.  For even faster results, combine the beeswax cream with GLA oil from Borage.   
  10. Take 3000 mg’s of propolis each day.  According to a 2009 study, this will boost your good cholesterol within 8 weeks.   It may also help modulate or reduce blood pressure according to a 2012 study.    Propolis has also been shown in studies to have activity against breast, pancreatic, colon and skin cancer cells.   
  11. For stubborn skin conditions or wounds that refuse to heal, apply propolis twice daily to accelerate healing.   Mix 2-4 drops of propolis into your favorite cream.  Propolis based salves and creams are available.  
  12. As a low cost, effective facial cleanser, simply wash your face daily with raw honey and warm water.   Apply the raw honey directly to your face and then gently rinse. This will also help with acne and blemishes while the anti-oxidants in raw honey will help slow the again process.
  13. To prevent colds and flu, consume propolis tincture and raw honey daily.   A study from the University of Amsterdam found that raw honey kills the bacteria that causes sinus infections.  Another study found that honey is better than Nyquil at treating coughs.
  14. For a healthy snack that provides energy but balances blood sugar and reduces cravings, dip one or two Brazil nuts into some Raw Honey.   The healthy fats in the nuts will provide slow burning energy while the naturally occurring fructose in raw honey will top up your liver glycogen (which then fuels your brain).

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