Zero energy

I have been taking 6 tablespoons of bee pollen in divided dozes a day for about three weeks now to increase my energy level. I also take some Royal Jelly with bee pollen. So far i don't see any difference. How long does it take to get results?

Angela's Response:

It really varies from person to person in how fast one gets results taking bee pollen. It really depends on what is causing your fatigue and lethargy. If it is a nutrient deficiency (like low iron or low B vitamin status), then bee pollen will likely help over time. If it is adrenal fatigue that is causing your low energy, bee pollen will aid with this as well. If you are experiencing low energy due to a hormonal issue or a toxin overload, bee pollen might not help with this. So it is important for you to determine what is causing your energy issue. I'd recommend working with a Naturopathic Doctor for this.

Bee healthy ~ Angela

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