Will I be allergic to Royal Jelly? How much to take to improve Uterine lining?

by Clair L

I am hoping to take Royal Jelly and/or Bee Propolis to improve the thickness/quality of my uterine lining when going through IVF as my lining was on the thin side last time. I am fine eating honey but if I get a bee sting the site of the sting can itch/be inflammed for several weeks. Is it likely I will not be able to tolerate Royal Jelly or given I eat honey with no problem will I be ok?

Hi Clair,
If you react when being stung, you are reacting to bee venom. There is no bee venom in royal jelly so it shouldn't be a problem for you, especially considering you tolerate honey well. To be careful, start out with a very small amount of royal jelly and slowly increase your dose provided you don't react.

Good luck with your IVF.

Bee healthy,

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