Will adding heat to bee pollen cause it to mold?

by Kat
(Washington State)

I use bee pollen in my skin care line. I've been using dried bee pollen, that I have had stored in my refrigerator for a few years. Recently, I have been finding mold in a certain product that requires heat. This is the first time I've experienced this in three years. I'm not sure if the pollen is the issue. Do you have any suggestions as to whether or not the bee pollen is the cause for the mold?

Angela's Comments:

Hard to say. If you are using dried bee pollen then there is no moisture in it and it should not be going moldy...that is unless you are putting it into a cream with moisture. The problem with keeping bee pollen in the fridge long term is the moisture in the fridge. I recommend only storing bee pollen in the freezer long term.


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