Which royal jelly is your most popular?

by Ann M.

Our Royal Jelly Concentrate powder

Our Royal Jelly Concentrate powder

I'm confused. You have Fresh Frozen Royal Jelly, Royal Jelly Concentrate and then your capsules? Which one is your most popular?

Angela's Response:

Our royal jelly 3 X Concentrate is our most popular royal jelly. I recommend it for most people. It is much easier and cheaper to ship as it doesn't need ice/thermal packaging and it is more potent so you can take less of it. It is also our strongest product so it can be used therapeutically. Royal jelly has a very strong taste so if you aren't able to mix it into something, then I'd suggest our capsules. Our fresh frozen is raw and completely unprocessed. It will have the most vitality BUT should be shipped with an ice pack and thermal packing and is therefor more expensive to ship.

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