What if you eat bee pollen 'out of date'?

by dulede
(Swansea UK)


I go through bursts of looking after my health and then trail off. No willpower. I've had bee pollen in fridge for about 2 years, it looks okay and used in smoothie earlier today but the bag it was in seemed more expanded than normal with air. Just wondering if it could have gone bad and what that would mean regarding possible food poisoning.

all advice appreciated.

Hi Dulede,
Two years in the fridge is a bit risky for bee pollen. I would inspect it for any signs of mold or rancidity and also smell it to see if you can detect any rotten smell. If you can't, you may want to taste a few granules to see how it tastes. If it tastes ok, it may have been stored very well in the container it was in and might be ok to consume. But if you don't want to risk anything, dispose of it and get yourself some fresh bee pollen.

Bee healthy,

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