What do you recommend for weight loss?

by jodi henderson
(fairmont, wv)

Hi reading on your site about bee pollen and weight loss. Which product should I purchase to help with weight loss?

Angela's Comments:

Hi Jodi,
I would recommend using our bee pollen granules (2 tablespoons per day 15 minutes before your two largest meals) I would also highly recommend using the product CLA Plus which has CLA and Green Tea in it. This combination is highly effective at boosting metabolism and burning unwanted belly fat while also controlling blood sugar levels.


I'd also recommend you remove all sugar and most starch out of your diet. Eat lean proteins at each meal, lots of fiber and all the salad and vegetables you desire. Also, eat healthy fats - nuts and seeds, fish oil, flax, and coconut oil which also boosts metabolism.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Bee healthy,

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