What do you do for your skin? ;)

by Isabelle

Angela, I've been sharing your website link with friends and family; and as a result, a few questions only you can answer have been raised.

The questions are in relation to the very healthy glow, permeating from your face, in the pictures on your website. The questions are:

Is the facial cream you're wearing one of your products? If it is, which one?

If not, would you be willing to share the information on the facial cream that you are using?

If you would be so kind to answer these questions, I'll pass along your responses.

Personally, I sense much of the glow stems from ingesting your own "bee" products, proof positive of their quality and purity; however, my answer did not fully satisfy those raising the questions.

Thank you so much, Angela!


Hi Isabelle,
Thank you so much for the compliment! I'd be more than happy to share with you what I do on a daily basis. You are correct - I use bee pollen and royal jelly almost daily. I also use our So Ho Mish Skin cream throughout the week, but not everyday.

One of my secrets is an oil called Borage Oil. I take this daily. It is an Omega 6 oil that is wonderful for the skin and has helped my skin tremendously. I also consume a very, very healthy diet that is comprised of mostly lean meats and proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables. I also consume 12 - 15 cups of purified water per day everyday and several other supplements including a women's vitamin and mineral blend.

And last but not least, I use natural facial cleanser at night that has no chemicals in it and is totally natural. Its made by a company called Bee Naturals. (I'm working on getting it so that I can make it available on the site for sale)

I know this may seem like a lot to do each day but it really isn't once you establish these practices as habits. Good habits lead to great skin!

Hope that helps!

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