Weight loss with raw honey and plain yogurt

by BaBette
(Plaquemine, La)

I started eating yogurt and raw honey in March of 2016 with a beginning weight of 218 lbs.
Today I'm weighing 203. I've been more active and the hunger pains have gone away.
I'm 56 year old female that was hurt 3 years ago and stayed inside for this amount of
time and just had a very serious pity party. My cholesterol levels shot up with the weight. I was literally killing myself by just sitting all day with no desires or energy. I've read many articles about RAW HONEY and have decided to give a try. WOW the weight started melting like butter. I have to mention that I have stomach issues (ibs, thyroid problems, and GERD) I have no long stomach pains and NO pains in the chest from GERD.

I advise anyone that had been trying to lose weight to better your health give it a

Angela's Comments:

Thank you for sharing Babette!

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