The best way to consume propolis?

by kee chui hann
(kulim, kedah, malaysia)

Recently i was recommended to take propolis but im not very sure the best way to consume it ? I used to press it into my mouth but i heard that its not the best way? My son is just 10 yrs old can he take it?

Angela's Comments:

Yes, your 10 year old can take propolis but start out with very small amounts and slowly increase. The best way to consume propolis is really up to you. The most natural form is our raw propolis chunks but you must chew these, which some people don't enjoy.

Tinctures are an excellent form as well but again, the taste can be a bit strong for some people. That leaves capsules, which are our most popular form. One of the pro's of our capsules is that they are concentrated 2 X, so you get more bang for your buck!

Bee healthy,

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