Tea, honey, and cinnamon?

by Jenny
(Foley, MO)

Hi Angela,

I've been a subscriber to your site for a while and sometime back (within the last month) you had an answer for someone that had a tea "recipe" in it. Unfortunately I don't remember the reasoning behind the recipe or what it was but I do recall that it was something about green tea, raw honey, and cinnamon? Do you have any ideas?

Thank you!

It wasn't this one, was it?

Healthy Hot Chocolate With Honey!
I came across this wonderful recipe for healthy hot chocolate this Holiday Season and just had to pass it on to you.

1/3 part coconut milk, 2/3 part boiling water, 2 heaping teaspoons of pure cocoa, 1 teaspoon of raw, unpasteurized honey, 1 dash of vanilla

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