Taste of pollen - acidic versus sweet?

by Susan

Hello, I have a question about pollen and am wondering why some pollen has a more acidic flavor than sweet. I have tried several different ones, and CCPollen from Az is especially acidic. A couple others are also. One or two have more of the sweet polleny flavor. With your experience, is there any info

on this subject? Since consuming a lot I've had some joint pain, which seem odd.

Thanks for any help.
Susan Heckel
Naples, FL

Hi Susan,

The taste of pollen is determined by the floral source, same as honey. Some pollen is sweeter than others and this is simply a case of the vegetation that was 'visited' by the bees in collecting the pollen. I don't know of or haven't come across any research on the acidity of pollen. If you are experiencing joint pain, I would suggest going off the pollen and observing if the joint pain subsides. Hope that helps!


Bee Healthy!
The Bee Pollen Buzz Team

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