Taking too much royal jelly?

by hubert derose
(toronto ontario)

Big bee fan I am! Quick question - have you heard taking to much royal jelly should be avoided? Please let me know.

Angela's Response:

Royal jelly is a very powerful substance so taking too much of it is definitely not recommended. Now, how much is too much? I always recommend you stick with the recommended amounts on the bottle. These amounts have been verified as safe for most people.

I have encountered people who take more than the recommended dose on the bottle due to their unique health challenges and physiology under the supervision of a trained health practitioner like a Naturopathic Doctor or Registered Nutritionist. What they did was work up to this dose very slowly. They didn't just jump up to the larger dose overnight. Carefully monitoring their symptoms and their body's reaction, they increased their dose over time over a several week period. As always, exercise caution when taking royal jelly!

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