Taking Propolis capsules longer than 30 days?

by Kevin
(Dartmouth Nova scotia Canada)

Why is it some companies have on their bottles,if using beyond 30 days consult a health care practitioner? Should you take a small break every 30 days,or is their no apparent reason? Thanks.

Hi Kevin,
Great question. This is done for pre-cautionary reasons. Supplement companies tend to be ultra cautious, partly on their own and partly because some states may require these warnings. Virtually all supplements will state not to take while pregnant or breastfeeding even though many of them are safe to take during this time. I happen to recommend taking a break from all supplements, even if it is just for a few days at a time. This helps to avoid any potential intolerance or allergies to the product caused by continued, long term use. So it is a good practice to get into.

Hope that helps,

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