Super premium bee pollen!

by Alex Sanchez
(Ca, USA)

Hi my name is Alex from Los Angeles California. I am very interested in your bee pollen. Now I have some here but it's my first time taking it. Now I am interested in buying some of the super premium bee pollen but I have one question first. If I happen to buy the 4.4lbs and I'm allergic or for some reason I can't consume them. Will I be able to return it?? Please reply. This stuff sounds amazing and beneficial but it would suck if I can't consume them and be buying something I can't use. And the only reason I ask about the 4.4lbs is for the reason that it's a good deal and if I buy some I would want to have a lot for me and my wife to enjoy for a while till we run out eventually of course =). Will you please reply to this message!! Thank you!

Hi Alex,
Yes, you can return it provided you ship it back to us, which you are responsible for doing. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Bee healthy,

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