Sore Throat After Taking Bee Pollen

by Declan


I have been taking bee pollen each morning in my porridge for 2 weeks, I am currently take half teaspoon and will increase gradually. I find each morning i wake up with a sore throat. Is this a normal reaction? Also my nose is very stuffy.. Will i persist do you think things will improve?

Thank you

Angela's comments:

Hi Declan,
This is not a normal reaction. If your nose is stuffy and you have a sore throat, I would suspect that you are having an allergic reaction, albeit a minor one.

I would recommend stopping your intake of bee pollen for one or two weeks. Then start taking it again but only take one or two granules per day. Monitor if these symptoms re-occur. If they don't, continue to add a couple of granules per day to your intake. Often times we see the body adapt or immunize itself to the pollens and you're able to take it without issue.

Bee healthy,

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