SO-HO-MISH skin cream

by Kathy

1. Who manufactures SO-HO-MISH skin cream? 2. What would be the expiry date of it if we order this week?
3. What is the return policy?

Hi Kathy,
We manufacture the So Ho Mish ourselves in our facility. Expiry date is 2 years from time of manufacture. These are fresh so you'd expect to get almost 2 full years. Our return policy is one of total satisfaction. If you're not happy, simply return the product to us and we'll refund the cost of the product to you.

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Dec 15, 2013
Love this Cream
by: Dee (australia)

I have been buying and using this gorgeous cream for over now. I have other people I my family using it now. we all love it!
great job!

Apr 12, 2012
So Ho Mish Cream
by: Anonymous

How well does this work for skin with acne? Is the virgin olive oil ingredient bad for already oily skin?

Jan 31, 2012
So Ho Mish
by: Anonymous

So, you actually MAKE the so ho Mish yourselves?
Or do you mean that you just pack it at your facility?

Angela's Comments:

The So Ho Mish is packed at our facility but made/blended offsite by the original formulator for us at this time due to the volume that we now require made each month.

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