So Ho Mish cream - use in T Zone?

I have combination skin. And I have recently broken out all over my forehead. Since the breakout, I have started using the SoHoMish cream. My skin is normal to dry and a little oily at times in T-zone. Is the So Ho Mish cream okay to use in the oilier T zone?

I used it overnight and I noticed some new small pimples in the T zone. In other areas it is helping my acne.(temples, cheeks)

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Angela's Comments:

Great question. For most people the So Ho Mish is ok to use in the T-zone. But, the odd person breaks out no matter what they put on their skin. So what we suggest is to stop using it in this area and observe how your particular skin reacts. Great to hear it is helping on your temples and cheeks.

Let us know how you make out.

Bee healthy ~ Angela

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