So Ho Mish Cream and Bee Pollen Soap questions


I want to know the So Ho Mish Cream is all skin types? If so, I have combination skin and I am not comfortable with my face feels shine/greasy. Does this cream help control the shine/greasy? Another question is that I want to know if the Bee Pollen soap is for face? If so, does it helps to reduce the piimples/dark spot? Non dryness? I look forward to your respond. Please email me at .

Thank you, Toinina.

Hi Toinina,
Great questions. Yes, So Ho Mish is for all skin types. It does not leave a greasy, shiny feel or look to the skin. We guarantee this and if you have issues with it, simply return it to us and we'll refund your money.

And yes, the Bee Pollen soap is very suitable for the face. It does not help to remove dark spots as far as I've experienced. If your pimples are being caused by excess dirt and oil on the skin, then yes - this soap will aid with eliminating that. The bee pollen soap is suitable for dry or non-dry skin and will help moisturize dry skin, especially if you use the So Ho Mish with it after cleansing.

Hope that helps,

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