Shipping bee pollen granules on ice?

by Sharon
(Nova Scotia)

Was wondering if the bee pollen granules have to be shipped on ice? I have recently placed an order and it took 4 days to get to my home in Nova Scotia. Which was by the way very fast compared to what I expected. Thanks! I was at a health food store in my area they had bee pollen granules in a plastic tub sitting on a shelf, not refrigerated. The label also read Do Not Freeze. This contradicts what I have read on your site. I am weary of purchasing this product from my local store as I am looking for maxium benefits of the pollen. Could you please confirm the proper storage for me. Thanks & looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi Sharon,
No, bee pollen does not need to be shipped on ice. We offer ice packs for our products because we've had customers request them, especially during the summer and for our customers in the south of the United States. But it really isn't necessary as long as the pollen stays dry, which is does!

Hope that helps,

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