Severe malnourishment due to lack of stomach acid

by Miranda

Hello. I have almost no stomach acid and as a result am able to absorb hardly any nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from the food I eat. I take Hydrochloric acid w/ pepsin to aid digestion and am very conscious of the foods I eat. Over the past few years I have found an assortment of supplements that have helped greatly, and I have just recently added your fresh royal jelly to the regime and am very excited. However, I am just barely managing my symptoms. I'm concerned for my bones and teeth due to poor calcium absorption, my skin is a mess, my hair falls out... the list goes on. I'm a professional dancer, that is my career and passion. This took me completely out of the field for over a year before I figured out what was going on and I'm worried about my future. Do you have further suggestions for supplements or supplement combinations? Any addition insight would be wonderful. Thank you for your time!

Angela's Comments:

Hi Miranda,
Thank you for sharing your story. Please contact me through the Contact form on the site as your situation requires a bit more information that I'd prefer to do over email.

Bee healthy,

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