Royal Jelly/Bee welfare.

by Samantha Gould

Hello There,
I am interested in the benefits of taking Royal Jelly as a healthy supplement to my diet. However, I am worried that I will in some way be contributing to the un-natural way bees are farmed? Can you help put my mind at rest so I can get the benefits of taking it?
Many Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards
Samantha Gould (British, living in Dubai)

Hi Samantha,
We use a royal jelly specialist to produce our royal jelly as royal jelly extraction is a very difficult process. Taking the royal jelly from the worker bees is similar to removing the milk from a cow. While it is not optimal for the bee, the bees are treated well because it is in our best interest to keep them alive so that they produce as much royal jelly as possible.

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