Royal Jelly in Honey

by Dara

Hi, would you recommend this product, since I am guessing it is a 2 in 1 product? Does it retain all the benefits from both the Raw Honey and RJ? Also can you pour some in a tea like the Raw Honey?

Or should I stick simply to Raw Honey (along with bee pollen of course)?


Angela's Response:

Our Royal Jelly in Raw Honey is very popular! It does retain all of the benefits of raw honey and royal jelly BUT it should be noted that there is not a therapeutic dose of royal jelly in the product. So, if you are needing royal jelly for a health reason or treating a specific condition with royal jelly, this is not the best product for you. You'd need to use a pure royal jelly product like our powdered Concentrate or our Royal Jelly capsules and then use our Pure Raw Honey separately.

Ultimately, the royal jelly honey blend is a great health maintenance product but not a therapeutic product.

Our Royal Jelly & Honey spread can be used in tea or other hot beverages.

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