Royal Jelly for Weight Loss?

Angela, CNP

Scientists recently set out to determine if a special compound found in Royal Jelly has the ability to induce thermogenesis.  Thermogenesis is a safe and natural process that goes on inside your body all of the time. For example, green tea induces thermogenesis as well as certain compounds in cayenne and coffee.

This is very exciting because increased thermogenesis is very important in boosting metabolism and burning body fat. All of the common 'fat burner' products on the market work through this same mechanism.

What the scientists set out to determine was whether the compounds HDAA and HDEA, both found in royal jelly, could activate special proteins in human cells. By activating these proteins, the heat burning process that leads to increased fat burning I described above is increased.

When the scientists measured how much the Royal Jelly compounds increased the special proteins that boost metabolism, they found huge increases!

Now, this is not to say that royal jelly is going to return you to the body that you had when you were 19 overnight, but it is very promising. It also supports some of the observations I've made over the years in royal jelly users. Many of them have reported a very nice side effect - they seemed to find losing body fat easier while consuming royal jelly on a regular basis.

The study made no reference as to how much royal jelly it took to induce this increased rate of thermogenesis, nor could it as it was done in a test tube and not in living humans. I would suggest, based on past experience and the dose of royal jelly that has a therapeutic effect for other conditions,  that one would need to take several grams of royal jelly per day to obtain a weight loss effect (3000 - 5000  mg's per day). And of course, eating a diet comprised of lean proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables while avoiding sugar and refined carbohydrates/grains along with it will assist in the fat burning process.

The entire study can be found in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, dated February 24, 2011. 

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