Royal Jelly effectiveness with bcp

by Marie

Does Royal Jelly still help with the quality of your eggs while you're on bp?

Planning on TTC in 6 months or so and I have had issues in the past. We have have a 1 year old and and just want to wait a a little longer before trying for a second. I want to take Royal Jelly now, as I know it takes a few months to make a difference. Will it still be effective if I start taking the pill?

Angela's Comments:

Hi Marie,
Great question. I am not aware of any reputable science or research suggesting royal jelly will help with the quality of your eggs while on BP. That is not to say it won't help, but I am just not aware of any studies in animals or humans.

Now, studies aren't the only proof of a natural substance like royal jelly being effective. Royal jelly does have a long history as a hormonal tonic. Many have used it to help with their fertility issues.
One area where there is some strong research on royal jelly and fertility is in males. One study found that royal jelly boosted fertility in male rabbits and there is also a study revealing the testosterone and libido boosting effects of royal jelly.

So it certainly won't hurt you to use royal jelly during this process and there are people who will report having great success boosting egg quality while on royal jelly. I am always hesitant to suggest it however, unless there are at least some solid animal studies.

Good luck and let us know how you make out!

Bee healthy,

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