Royal Jelly Dosage for a Yorkshire Terrier 4 years old

by Chris

Can you please advise if royal jelly would help my Yorkie, he has an allergy currently unknown, but may be household cleaning products and he is very lethargic. Firstly, could this help and if so what dosage and is liquid best? Thanks. Chris

Angela's Comments:

Hard to say exactly if it will help Chris with the limited information I have but royal jelly has been shown to help with energy and vitality. If you do decide to give royal jelly to your pet, be sure to start out with a very tiny amount of royal jelly. If he already has an allergy, this indicates there is some immune disfunction going on and he may react badly to the royal jelly. As for which form is best to take, it really doesn't matter. Liquid or powder will work equally well.

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