Royal Jelly Capsules versus Fresh Frozen Royal Jelly

by Belinda

I read from your "How to safely buy royal Jelly" article that you should only buy fresh, (or?) frozen royal jelly, and that the encapsulated form loses much of it's nutrients. Yet you sell it on your website in encapsulated form. Why is this?

Angela's Response:

We sell royal jelly capsules on the site for a couple of reasons. First of all, powdered capsules don't lose much/most of its nutrient content. Processing will remove some of the vitality of a fresh product but NOT all of it. We get tremendous feedback from customers all over the world regarding our powdered royal jelly and capsules.

In a perfect world, I would suggest everyone take/eat nothing but fresh, raw foods such as our fresh royal jelly. But this is not always possible due to travel, taste and convenience. Raw royal jelly has a very strong taste to it and some people can't tolerate it. Hence, the option of capsules or powder. There is also the issue of shipping. To preserve fresh royal jelly, it should not be heated. Due to where some people live, this is not alway possible and capsules or powder are more convenient.

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