Royal Jelly & blood-thinning medication

by Linda

Hi there,

an elderly friend of mine has been diagnosed with cancer, and we need to boost her immune system ASAP. This is why we are considering bee polen & royal jelly products.

Certain websites however advise that the above must be taken "with caution" if the person is on blood thinning medication (warfarin in UK) or has had heart trouble.

Can we have your view please on the safety of taking bee polen & royal jelly supplements when on above medication. Many thanks.

Angela's Comments:

Great question. I tend to agree. You should always exercise caution when on blood thinners. Now, that doesn't mean you can't take bee pollen or royal jelly. You just need to be ultra careful. So make sure your doctor knows what you are taking and perhaps discuss with a pharmacist the possible interactions of the blood thinners and the supplements you are considering. I have seen people take bee pollen safely while on blood thinners so it can be done safely but yes, take precautions!

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