Royal Jelly and Ovulation

by Yohana

Dear Angela,

I have been eager to get pregnant for the past three months until my mom bought Royal Jelly Capsules of 1,000mg for my husband and I. We have been drinking 1 capsule each day for about 25 days now, totally excited about the benefits of Royal Jelly we read online and via your website.

My concern is that, I noticed my ovulation is actually delayed until CD24, instead of the usual CD17-19. Also, after ovulation, my basal temperature is lower than usual and today it even went as low as 97.52 degrees (36.40 celcius). Immediately, I tried to do a research online and I found articles saying that Royal Jelly contains natural estrogen. Do you think that this might be the cause of my temperature drop? Is it safe for me to continue consumption? Please help.

Thank you so much Angela.


It is unlikely Yohana but it is worth stopping temporarily to determine if the royal jelly is causing the issue. Stop for one cycle and monitor your numbers.

If you have more questions, contact me through the Contact Page. This is more direct.

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