Royal Jelly and DHEA

by arlene
(new york)

I have normal testosterone levels but very high DHEA due to my PCOS. I was wondering if royal jelly interfres with DHEA ie; making it higher? Also I am on metformin will taking a teaspoon of the raw jelly interact with it?
I appreciate your reply, Have a Bee-autiful day :)


Angela's Comments:

Hi Arlene,
You should be ok to take royal jelly if you have high DHEA levels. But to be safe, you may want to run it be an Naturopathic Doctor to be sure. Royal Jelly is a hormonal tonic so it might help to balance out your DHEA levels.

I would highly, highly recommend you use a product called EstroSmart. It is made for people with PCOS, among the many other conditions it helps.

Bee healthy,

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