royal jelly and bee pollen for chronic fatigue syndrome

by Marcie

Please, how soon should someone start seeing noticable results when taking Royal Jelly and Bee pollen for chronic fatigue. Has anyone mentioned that it has relieved their chronic fatigue and if so about how long should one expect it to take. Thank you in advance ~Marcie~

Hi Marcie,
Yes, we have had some feedback on using bee pollen and royal jelly for chronic fatigue. It is very difficult to say how long it will take for you to experience an increase in vitality as there are many causes of chronic fatigue. It could be adrenal gland burnout, toxin overload, low iron/red blood cells, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal imbalances etc etc. As you can see, there are many causes. Fortunately, I have seen bee pollen and royal jelly help with all of these causes in some way. Some people feel better within days while others take months. I would say expect to take the two for at least two full months and then examine how well they are working for you. I'd also encourage you to work with a Naturopathic Doctor or Holistic professional and always let your MD know what you are taking.

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Jun 09, 2016
royal jelly/cfs
by: sandi

Can you tell me how much B12 is in Royal Jelly, in a 500 dose? Thank you.

It varies from batch to batch Sandi. No one royal jelly supplement will be the same. This is due to geography, seasonal influences and time of harvest.


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