Recommendations for redness of the face ("ROSACEA")



Can you suggest which products I can use to help with my consistent red face. Supposedly (I say this as I've gotten diverse diagnoses!) I have rosacea--apparently a trait of being descended from Celts--specifically Scots and Irish.

I've viewed your "So-Ho-Mish" and "GLA" product info and have read the high ratings for the "So-Ho-Mish" but would you recommend I use both products, or would only one such as the "So-Ho-Mish" be effective.

One of my sisters told me she used (she has the same problem) some remote or "vaguely" named product from South Carolina, but unfortunately, she cannot rememeber what the exact name of the item is or what the ingredients were in the product, other than it contained "BEE something"!!

Many thanks for your help--I've considered denying my heritage and picking an ethnic group with better skin but I guess I'm stuck with the heritage I have!

Medway OH

Angela's Comments:

Hi Lynn,
Thank you for your email - and thank you for the laughs! I would actually consider combining the GLA Skin Oil with either our So Ho Mish or the Celadrin Skin Therapy Cream, which I like to recommend for really tough cases. Either cream should work when combined with the GLA Skin Oil.

You can read more about the Celadrin Skin Therapy Cream here:

It won't hurt you to be consuming bee pollen at the same time, which is also wonderful for the skin.

Here is a $5.00 off coupon to use in our webstore. Enter 'promo1' into the coupon box upon checkout. This coupon works for orders over $50. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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