Raw Honey vs Creamed Honey

by Elvina
(North Vancouver, BC)

Hi Angela,

Do the Dutchman's Gold Raw Honey and Creamed Honey have the same health benefits? I have tried both now, and both are delicious! The creamed honey's creamy texture is a little more versatile to use.

As for any parents out there, I have been incorporating Durchman's Gold honey into my (27 months old) toddler's diet with great success. I use honey on pancakes and French toast instead of syrup. I add honey to plain yogurt instead of getting flavored yogurt. And I am also adding about 5-8 drops if the water base propolis tincture to my son's morning cereal with milk.

Thank you for your time Angela,
a North Vancouver Mom

Hi Elvina,
Glad to hear that you are enjoying our products! As for the health benefits of raw honey versus creamed, they will be pretty similar but the raw honey will contain a few more of the natural components of the hive due to less filtration. It is likely that the raw product will result in greater overall health benefits as a result, but only marginally.

Bee healthy,

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