Raw Honey and Bee Pollen/Propolis - Concern about Possible Allergic Reaction

by Paul
(Monrovia, CA)


I have a question.

I have consumed raw, unfiltered honey product many, many times without experiencing any allergic reaction or other issues, so would that pretty much mean that I am safe to take a capsule containing bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly?

I understand that if one is allergic to bee pollen, they should avoid taking it as a supplement. I also realize that a capsule will have a much higher concentration of bee pollen and propolis than raw honey would.

What are your thoughts?


- Paul

I wouldn't say 'safe' 100% Paul. I have seen many a customer take bee pollen in one dose only to raise it and then experience allergic symptoms. So it is best to test out each ingredient at lower doses and then slowly increase as you determine your tolerance.


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