Propolis Suppository?

by Melody
(Centerton, Arkansas)

I have Crohn's proctitis and have found nothing that will heal it. Has propolis ever been used in a suppository form to treat something like this? I read through your site and you said propolis has vasodialating effect. This seems like it would be bad for bleeding ulcers inside the rectum. Usually you would try to find vasorestricting meds for bleeding. However, the healing properties of propolis sound great so I am still curious. Does propolis get hard when frozen? I am thinking of trying to make suppositories out of coconut oil and propolis. What do you think?

Angela's comments:

Hi Melody,
I have seen propolis suppositories on the market so I do know it is being used in this manner. I was able to locate them on Amazon. If you can't source them, you could consider using an alcohol free propolis with the coconut oil.

Hope that helps,

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