Propolis raw extract vs. pills

by Rachel
(United States)

I'm a vegan and noticed that all propolis pills have a gelatin capsule. Can I actually empty the powder out of the pill and put the contents into regular honey. Or is eating the raw extract better for you. I have the extract but cannot stand the taste. I noticed you have to eat more to compensate for the pills! Please advise! Thanks!

Angela's Comments:

Hi Rachel,
Yes, you absolutely can empty the pills into honey and consume. Many people do this. Or they blend it into a smoothie for example. The raw extract has many benefits, the main one being that it is raw and has not been processed. But it is not for everyone, as you've indicated. For the most part, raw is always better IF you can consume it. We see very good results therapeutically with the capsules so I do recommend them if you are having trouble getting the raw extract in. And it will give you very similar results to the raw extract as it has been cold processed and concentrated.

Hope that helps,

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