Propolis powder? How much to take...

by Imene
(Tunis, Tunisia)

I finally got my hands on propolis but in the form of a powder. I couldn't find any reference on your website to the use of propolis powder and recommendation on the daily intake. Could you please advise?

Also, is it okay to take proplis on daily basis, just like Bee pollen? I take my bee pollen every morning and after meals and I can feel the difference already.

Thanks a lot for your wisdom!

Angela's Comments:

Bee propolis powder is essentially the same thing we put into our propolis capsules. (we simply take a powder and encapsulate it) So, I am assuming the powder you bought is a standard strength and not concentrated. In that case, I would recommend taking 2000 - 3000 mg per day for general health. That would be roughly a third to half of a teaspoon of propolis powder. And yes, propolis is safe to take on a daily basis. In fact, I take it virtually every day to ward off colds and flu.

So glad to hear that you're getting great results taking bee pollen! Propolis and pollen taken together is a great combo!

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