Propolis for Osteoarthritis?


I was wondering if could advise if there is any specific bee product that could help me with my osteoarthitis pain. I have osteoarthritis in my big toes which cause me discomfort most days and especially when I walk for long periods. I have tried many other products including glucosamine chond. with no results.
Thank you and appreciate your input.

Sincerely, Dora Hook.

Angela's Response:

Hi Dora,
Great question. I would highly recommend trying propolis for your osteoarthritis. It is highly anti-inflammatory and there are several good studies on the use of propolis for arthritis.

Here is a link to the studies if you'd like to read them:

There is also this feedback I recently received:

Propolis May Help Treat Bone Diseases

Another health benefit of propolis appears to be that it helps to build and maintain healthy bone tissue.
Scientists recently investigated whether Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester, a very powerful compound found in propolis, could halt or reverse osteolytic bone diseases.

The scientists found that this compound in propolis was very effective at suppressing the inflammatory compounds that cause these bone diseases and even suggested propolis might be a potential treatment for bone wasting diseases.

If you're suffering from bone density loss or have a history of it in your family, taking a daily dose of propolis appears to be a very wise thing to do!

Hope that helps!


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