Propolis for Epstein Barr

by Daniel
(Pleasant Hill, Calif, USA)

Hey Angela,

I've really enjoyed reading some of your comments here! I work for an airline and am constantly exposed to a lot of people with colds and illness, not to mention the harsh conditions of being on an airplane all day long.

I recently found out I have Epstein Barr. I've purchased some stuff already that I think will help get over the infection... but with all I've heard and read about bee propolis, I'm excited to see if in addition to helping me rid myself of the virus... it wouldn't help me keep my energy levels up!

I'm just wondering what would be the best product to use and the biggest bang for my buck... as I have already spent quite a bit on other products!

I don't even know how I would consume the powder... Can you just put some in your mouth and chew it like the chunks? Would that stain up my teeth like you say the chunks can? Your comments in the forum on the chewing of chunks puzzles me as you apparently do it, but you warn others they can stain their teeth. Do you have stained teeth?

I was thinking about buying the powder because I read somewhere that you thought it was cheaper… but I’m not even really sure it is! Didn’t you say somewhere on here that the powder in the capsules is the same as the powder in the 7oz 2x concentrate can?

I can’t tell for sure, but it looks like the can says 198 Grams of powder. If the same powder is in the capsules, I’m getting more for my money by getting 2 big bottles of capsules than I am from a can… UNLESS… amount you put in the capsules is less to get the desired milligrams in normal strength. If that is the case.. I’m getting nearly 2 times the value of two big bottles of the capsules in one can!

Can you help me out here?
Am I on the right track… or losing it?


Hi Dan,
Yes, you are correct in that our capsules are a slightly better deal than the powder as we manufacture the capsules our selves whereas the powder is a third party supplier. So we have one less middle man there so we can offer the capsules at a better deal.
With regards to propolis staining the teeth - we see mixed results here. Some people swear it stains their teeth whereas I've chewed them as well as used our tinctures for years and it hasn't stained mine. So I'd suggest you test it for yourself or error on the side of caution and use the capsules or tinctures (which you can squirt right to the back of your throat).

Hope that helps!

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