Propolis for cat with cancer

by Yuriko
(Los Angeles CA)

I heard that propolis is one of most effective natural antibiotic. I'm thinking to give to my cat who has bladder cancer and I would like to give her natural supplement instead of antibiotic from vet.

May I please ask your opinion? Or recommendations?

Thank you very much.


Angela's comments:

Hi Yuriko,
Propolis is a very strong natural anti-biotic. It has also shown tremendous activity against cancer cells in some studies. This is not to say that it will cure your cat, but it may very well be worth a try if would like to stick with natural supplements. I can say that if my pet had cancer, propolis is one of the supplements I would give her.

If you do decide to give your cat propolis, start with very small amounts to ensure tolerance. For example, 25 - 50 mgs per day. Increase from there if tolerance is good.

Bee healthy,

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