Propolis Boosts Anti-Cancer Therapies

Propolis continues to show tremendous activity against different types of cancer cells in study after study.

This most recent study was designed to evaluate the anti-tumour properties of propolis on several different types of cancer cells in mice.

The scientists found that propolis inhibited the proliferation of the cancer cells and caused apoptosis - a type of cell death in which the cell uses specialized cellular machinery to kill itself.

The authors also noted that the size of the cancerous cells was dramatically increased by swelling of the cytoplasm and the loss of membrane integrity, cell rupture and the release of cellular contents (cell death). The propolis caused the cells to rupture, which is a good thing.

It is also worth noting that the experiments in the tumor-bearing mice were done with oral administration of propolis at doses that caused no detectable toxicity. So massive doses that would not be tolerated by humans were not needed and it was not required to inject the propolis. Nor was it toxic in any way in the doses that were administered.

This would suggest that propolis may be able to kill cancer cells in humans in relatively small doses that one could take by pill or powder.

These scientists went on to state that this study provides the rationale to investigate the potential beneficial effect of propolis in the diet of patients receiving anti-cancer therapies.

The full study can be found in the journal Food Chemistry & Toxicology, 2012 Jan 28. 

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